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What is a good answer

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    during the interview at the question "How do you see you in the next 5 years?"
    I just do not feel comfortable with this question as i do not know what to answer.
    Thank you!
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    They want to know if you have aspirations, if you have a plan for your career, or if you're just drifting. Someone who doesn't know where they'll be in five years is likely to not be committed to their job as they'll likely change their mind.

    Bad answers:
    "I don't know."
    "I plan to move on to something better."
    "I'll do this to pay the bills, then I'm gonig to buy a surf board and hit the beaches."
    "I hope to have your job."

    Good answers:
    "I want to be making change in my industry."
    "I plan to be [doing something important in my industry]."

    They want to hear that you're
    a] interested, and
    b] knowedgeable
    about your chosen profession.
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    Thank you!
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    This is a really hard question.

    What I would probably suggest is look at this article, it may help you with your probelm: http://nicolewilliams.com/getahead/the-toughest-interview-questions [Broken]

    Your question is number five/at the bottom of the page.
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    Make sure you are knowledgeable about the institution you are applying to and have ready some questions to ask them.
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    The question is meant to for your interviewers to assess whether or not your goals are consistent with their intentions for the position. It also allows them to assess your personality and character a little, to make a judgement on whether or not you will fit in with current personnel.

    For a temporarary position for example, it might be perfectly acceptable to give an answer along the lines of just wanting to earn some money for a short period of time, while learning about that particular industry or field. Even a minimum wage retail summer position can allow you to develop communication and basic business skills.

    Equally valid questions for you to ask your potential employer along these lines are:
    - Where you see this company in five years?
    - What goals do you hope to accomplish with the person in this position?
    - What kind of advancement can I expect to see over a five year period?
    - What skills will I learn/develop in this position?
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