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What is a good way to tape my packages

  1. Sep 25, 2003 #1

    Im selling a lot of junk on ebay. I am wondering what is the best kind of tape?

    I have seen all the plastic tape and apparently alot of it is made from
    polypropylene. I read that polypropylene has good recycling rates. But where
    does it come from? Oil?

    There is also this 'paper tape', it is 'gummed' so that you have to wipe water on it
    to make it get 'sticky'. This seems pretty good. But then, this stuff is 'reinforced'
    with a 'fiber'. I don't know what the fiber is! Is it fiberglass? What is fiberglass
    made of? And is it not dangerous for workers in the production plants?

    Also, what is the 'sticky' made of?

    I really have no idea where to ask this. But this seemed like a good place to
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