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What Is A Physicist ?

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    What Is A Physicist ???


    Goto the above URL and you shall find various references to sites that will present the socalled PHYSICIST to you. What does he do ? What does he earn ? Comparisons of physicists in different countries...

    really interesting if i may say so myself...

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    For the same reason physics textbooks assume their readers are male?
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    Yes, that too is addressed in the link. :wink: (no offense meant)
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    Sorry, should have thought about that...sorry...i will edit it...

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    I can answer this question easily. A physicits is a :

    i) a crazy guy (like Marlon)

    ii) a lunatic sciencist who spends all day concerned with impossible theories, equations and concepts (like Marlon).

    iii) a guy who, got bored of such businesses, spends the rest of the day writting here (like Marlon).

    iv) a savant, who has thousands of strange books in his personal library, and whom girls are afraid of being around (like Marlon). This last evidence is weaker, if the photograph you shown some time ago was true (she was very pretty).

    v) but after all, a kind guy and a good boy (like Marlon).

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    SEMI-GUILTY, I AM ALSO INTO COOKING NOW. Besides, i am waiting to start my phd in nanotechnology...

    Yes, she is still the light of my life...the reason i exist and the incarnation of devine beauty on this earth

    Thanks man, why don't you have a "most diplomatic member"-medal under your name... :wink:

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