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What is a postsecondary program

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    I know this has nothing to do with calculus, but i was wondering. What is a postsecondary program (referring to education)?
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    AFAIK, postsecondary education is all education after high-school (college, university, technical school, etc.).
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    How did you make the upside-down "?"
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    You mean this ¿ :rolleyes:

    -- AI
    ::press Alt+0191::
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    Calculus, anybody?... :smile:
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    ok: imho calculus instruction belongs solely in postsecondary education.
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    imho, chicks simply dig a nice Maxwell's Equation's t-shirt on the rugged man of today's society. :rofl: :biggrin:
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    you surely do not have to know calculus to pick up chicks. in fact it has been known to be a handicap. but i will acknowledge this is a motivation to learn calc in secondary school, if valid. hint: picking up chicks has historically been mostly a matter of inviting them to dinner.
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    Hmm, i got some fan following (among girls) for calculus. All i have to do is solve their homeworks ..... errr .... help them to do their homework that is. So its not really that bad ........ in a way ............. i suppose............ ?!?!

    -- AI
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