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What is a pragmatist?

  1. Sep 20, 2007 #1
    Hey All,
    I'm taking a philosophy 101 course, and my teacher said that my viewpoints are highly pragmatic. I looked up pragmatism, and I found several explanations, but all the explanations were written in complicated,hard to comprehend language. Would someone tell me what a pragmatist is in layman's terms?

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    Someone who believes experimental evidence rather than what hard to comprehend textbooks say.
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    If you believe that the outcomes of your actions can be studied and can lead you to a better understanding of a deeper truth, you may be a pragmatist. If you look at problems in terms of practicalities and the likely outcomes of your actions, you may be a pragmatist. A pragmatist is the kind of person who will say "Well in the best-case scenario, we could try this, BUT...." and then follow up with a suggestion for action that is based on the likely outcome of such action.
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    Pragmatically speaking, Whatever works. Theory of operations you understand that are internally consistent and enable engineering and troubleshooting success. The following is on pragmatic electrical theories I presented to a skeptics group a coupla' weeks ago where the Electric Universe was pummeled.

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    This is what you call a can of worms.... but... I guess you could say its a matter of being a 'results oriented', bottom line, type. Although thats quite an oversimplification on my part.
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