I What is a realistic image of quarks?


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Lovely video (in #49). A level deeper than the original one in this thread.
insist on representing quarks as spherical particles
Not all the time :smile:: if there is a gluon nearby it morphs into a nike-like swoosh

that makes me feel giddy for a split sec ?:) . And a gluon that looks like a pessarium will probably also not be 'realistic' :cool:

I think they did a good job visually supporting the spoken text with representing the unvisualizable. Moving balls are so much more bearable that rippling blobs of colour (nice colours, though).


It may be worth noting that is was a very basic visual representation, and there are other things which were not shown in the picture, for instance that quarks exchange gluons with eachother, and quarks have fractional charges.
I found a picture showing gluons as springs. Do gluons obey Hook's law?


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