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What is a short-order cook?

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    Someone I knew once told me that he was a short-order cook at IHOP. What is the difference between a short-order cook and just a cook?
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    A short order cook makes fast stuff like burgers, fries, etc. A cook prepares actual meals, like a steak, ribs, pasta, etc. An actual cook usually goes to a culinary school.
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    Welcome to PF, WhiteTim.
    Short-order generally implies a high turn-over for rush crowds. Think of a diner at lunch-time. It's fast food, but usually of a higher quality and complexity than something like McDonalds.

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    Short order cooks usually just heat and assemble simple ingredients, like cooking a pre-formed hamburger patty and placing it on a bun, it doesn't require the skills or methods required for cooking something that requires mixing and measuring and combining multiple ingredients to create a single dish.
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    Thats ok, you said it much more eloquently. PS, stop peaking.
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    All good answers, WT. If you live near a Waffle House, sit at the counter and order breakfast. You'll see what a good short-order cook can pull off. They are always on the move, and the thing that saves them from burn-out is the limitations of their menus. They can cook for a whole restaurant-full of breakfast fans. Home-fried potatoes, fried or scrambled eggs, corned beef hash, bacon, sausage, biscuits, pancakes... If you only cook simple but tasty foods you can put out an impressive volume of food from a single kitchen. Give those guys enough griddle-space and simple utensils, and watch the magic.
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    and heart attacks.
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    You just slay me, man.
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