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I What is a time warp?

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    As matter causes the space to warp, does time also bends or warp due to mass?
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    Well there is an effect called time dilation.
    This causes time to appear to pass more slowly for an object which is close to something very massive like a back hole.
    The slowing down is at it appears to a distant observer, the object itself if it was a sentient being would not notice any difference to the passing of time.
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    Space and time are not separate entities they blur together forming space-time under GR.
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    Thank you, rootone and Chronos for your reply,
    Rootone - I am aware of the concept of time dilation but this time warp, is it same as the time dilation or is it something entirely different concept. I tried searching for the term but could not get any success.
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    I am not sure you mean by the term 'time warp' other than in the context of dilation.
    Can you provide a reference to what you are talking about?
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    The Lorentz factor is given by [tex] \gamma = 1/(1-\frac{v^2}{c^2})^\frac{1}{2} [/tex] Length contraction is given by [tex] L=\frac{L_0}{\gamma}[/tex] and time dilation is given by [tex] T=T_0\gamma [/tex] So, L & T are inversely proportionate. When distance is expressed in terms of the speed of light: D=cT; D = distance, T = time and c=1 [in natural units]. This reduces to D=T, so the two are the same thing from this perspective.
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    Surely "time warp" is a Science Fiction term. I can't think there will be any rigorous definition.
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    Thank you very much for your comments guys.
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