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What is actually Space ?

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    What is actually "Space"?

    Sorry if you think that this is the most stupid question around, but i think its the most obvious!

    What is actually this "Space" and "Universe"?

    I know relativity, quantum physics, big bang , string theory etc.etc.... but really this question got me!!
    From where is this "Space" came? I hope that u can get me, i mean i dont want a basic definition like "Space is Empty space!!" , what i want is the answer to the question that " what made them and what are they in real sense".
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    Good question. No simple or complete answer though. The Universe is all of existence. It is characterized by certain dimensionalities...one dimension being a one-way timeline and three dimensions of space about which matter and energy can move. Space and Time are the fabric of the Universe. But it is not really known what those dimensions are "made of". Perhaps there is some fundamental particle or string or something we can point to. But for now, it's still a big uncertainty.
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    Space reply

    I may not understand your question completely so forgive me if this is "off topic." I presume that you are asking what is the ether or the empty (only a few atoms per cubic kilometers) regions inside our expanding (we assume) universe. "beyond the shell of the universe, is the realm of the unknowable (for those not "religious").

    We all know that space isn't empty, there is no proof of what space is but if you like I could tell you what I think it is. Be aware that it is in the realm of the "metaphysical" with a dash of basic Quantum theory thrown in. I will continue you would like?
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    I agree that space is not empty. We know that gravity, light, radiatation fields, exist in space, but as Phobos said, a complete answer to what space is has not been arrived at yet.
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