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What is Arrhenius behavior?

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    I'm always reading about reactions or physical phenomena having Arrhenius behavior. But I can't figure out what that means. I obviously did a search and I learned a lot about the physical chemist Arrhenius, but nothing about what the adjective named after him means.
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    From this I would guess that one would describe a reaction in solution occurring between ions as Arrhenius behavior.
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    Perhaps you're thinking of the Arrhenius relationship?

    [tex]A e^{-\frac{E_{A}}{k_{B} T}}[/tex]

    Empirical relationship saying that things happen faster when it gets hotter ([itex]k_{B}[/itex], Boltzman's constant multiplied by Temperature), and faster when there's a low activation energy / energy barrier ([itex]E_{A}[/itex]).
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    YES! Thanks, I can't believe I didn't know this. It seems so obvious.
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    It generally refers to the rate of reaction as Matlabdude indicated. In most discussions, it refers to the doubling of a given rate of reaction per 10oC increase in temperature.
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