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I What is attenuation?

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    If I'm being asked to calculate the attenuation of a certain type of radiation, what does that actually mean? Is ##\frac{I}{I_0}## the attenuation of the radiation? I'm just confused between things like attenuation and the attenuation coefficient and attenuation length, I think. So what is the quantity attenuation and how is it calculated? There'll be different equations in different scenarios probably, I'm not after a specific equation just something like 'it's the fraction of absorbed radiation...' .

    Thanks for any help, that's quite a rambling question! :)
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    You should ask the person who is asking for the calculation, to clarify which quantity is wanted. As you noted, various quantities can be used to quantify "attenuation."

    However, my first guess would be I/I0.
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