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Job Skills What is Bioengineering Like?

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    I'm an A-levels student right now, and I have a hard time deciding on my major after my course.
    Right now, I have a focus on bioengineering, and my parents support this decision thinking I'll build an Ironman suit and cure cancer.

    However, I want to know what is the field is actually like and what opinions you guys have on the topic, before I ruin my life with student debts on an unenjoyable field for a job I won't land.

    This is what I think of the course, based on my research Googling:
    • It's a highly interdisciplinary field. It uses the holy trinity of science (bio, chem, phy) in great depths. There's an emphasis on medicine in the field, but there are tinges of environmental engineering, bioinformatics, robotics and biomimicry. Some describe it as 'chemical/electrical engineering but with living things'.
    • It's a general field and I could specialize in any of the mentioned subjects in the previous point.
    • It often gets confused with biomedical engineering. I'm not a big fan of the medical field; I'd prefer the mechanical and the electronic part of it. I wont be complaining if I get to learn both though.
    • You get to learn programming but it's basic; like using the console as your calculator.
    • Some colleges provide paid internship for bioengineering students.
    • It is a more research based field in comparison to other engineering fields.
    • The job prospects are mostly involving the medical field. Honestly, I dread working in a hospital; please tell me there's more options.
    • You don't get to interact with animals. Stay indoors and study stem cells instead. :C
    I'm sure a couple of these are misconceptions, so please help me clarify them if you have experience or additional knowledge.

    I'm not sure on what skills are required or sought upon for such a field. Please enlighten me on this.

    A few things about myself, so you can see from my point of view:
    I have a deep interest for biological systems and zoology; it was my favourite subject in highschool.
    Recently, I developed an interest in computer science and electronics, and that got me wanting to study engineering.
    What drew me to bioengineering was these factors alongside the idea that it was a 'synthesis of research and application.'
    I do not have any problems with mathematics; in fact, I enjoy it like a puzzle.
    During my free time, I like going outdoors or building things. If bioengineering does not allow me to do them, I will seriously reconsider if it's right for me.
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    I've re-arranged a few of the more salient points; sometimes just changing the order in/with which you consider them is more useful than giving advice.
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