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Engineering What is computer engineering all about?

  1. Feb 29, 2004 #1
    What is computer engineering all about?

    What is the difference between a computer programmer and a software engineer?

    What is the difference between a web-designer and a web-developer?
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    They are more concerned with developing algorithms and analyzing and solving programming problems. Programmers are more concerned with writing code.

    I need a second opinion on my facts, but the difference is that a web-developer programs.

    A web-designer knows HTML, Javascript, and maybe CSS and basic Flash, excluding Actionscript.

    A web-developer does web-programming, which includes things like PHP. Javascript can count as a language (scripting) too. They may likely know Perl, Python, Java or Haskell as well.
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    To add to that, a web designer is responsible for the "design" which is the look and layout of the pages. Depending on their skill set, they may also do the graphics. I see the terms developer & designer used interchangeably, but I agree with kenikov's distinction.

    A software engineer also develops/creates new software. After a software engineer develops the software, a programmer writes the program that provides the instructions to the computer on how to perform the functions.
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