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What is conduction band?

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    Anyone plz explain to me what is conduction band and what are conduction band electrons? What energy do they have and how do they transfer it?
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    Transfer it to what ?
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    I mean how do they absorb or radiate energy ( continuously or discreetly )?

    P.S. - :smile: Sorry for using the wrong term. Actually, I didn't think someone would read it in so detail! :approve:
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    The energy of the electrons in the conduction band is close to the fermi energy of the material. "Gapless" transitions within the conduction band are possible by absorbing very low energy radiation ("nearly" continuous values of frequency). Higher energy photons cause photoionization of the conduction electrons (the photoelectric effect).

    Also, you have low lying excitations of the conduction band, known as plasmons, where the incident photon excites fluctuations in the charge density of the conduction electron "gas".
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