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What is dark energy?

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    Is the reverse of big bang that is big crunch likely to happen??or will dark energy dominate the gravity and the space will coninuoisly expand???
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    current measurements indicate that the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate so the end will be like the big nothing (from the Neverending story) darkness everywhere.
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    but wont black holes(after many of them are formed in each galaxy) consume all the matters(/antimatters) of the universe to form the tiny condensed form of vast energy as it was before the big bang?isnt it possible?
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    No, this is not how a black hole works. If we took the Sun and compressed it until it reached a density high enough for it to form a black hole, the gravitational pull measured from the old surface and out would be unaffected. (Meaning that the Earth and other planets would not change in their orbits) Since we compressed all the matter into a tiny area it is only from the old surface of the Sun to the new surface (which in this case would be the event horizon) that the gravity would change. Black holes are NOT voracious vacuum cleaners sucking up all the matter around them like they are commonly portrayed.
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    also if the black hole has nothing to consume it will over a long period of time (that really long) evaporate
    aka hawking radiation so eventually there's no more BH.

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