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What is Distillery Jobs?

  1. Jan 13, 2016 #1
    Hello ;
    After some days continue see the advertisment Distillery Job Openings and Brewery Job Openings but i am confused what it mean? i know Brewery and Distillery both are alcohol but what it mean Brewery Job Openings and distillery job openings.
    Please reply me it would be great help for me
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    You are seeing advertisements here at PF for distillery jobs? Or are you seeing those advertisements somewhere else and you're just curious about what it means?
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    A brewery makes beer and similar beverages (such as ale, porter, stout, and so on). A distillery makes beverages that are generally higher in alcohol content, such as whiskey, vodka, and so on.

    Another term that you didn't ask about is winery, where they make wine (from grapes usually).
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    There are also a significant number of industrial distillery jobs that make ethanol for fuel.
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    I get the impression from your message that someone is opening up a distillery and is probably looking for people to help with the plant and also market the product. Most of the time the openings are for sales and marketing.

    Marketing can be lucrative, but it can also fail spectacularly. You have to be a very sociable and perceptive person to get ahead in a field like that.
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