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What is dual-core processor ?

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    The news said that Intel will manufacture dual-core processor in the future, to compensate heat problem, the new roadmap will not play on the GHz benchmark.

    Any idea how is dual-core technology? Is it virtually a dual-processor?
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    I'd say its a toaster or a egg frying pan for a small surface where you need a fancy heatsink to bring out some surface area to cook your eggs on. Otherwise, Its probably worthless. :)

    The new Prescotts are already having trouble with the high current and MBs frying and etc... So I do not see why you have to add an addition chip on there to fry it even more... That and how can one heatsink handle that? Traditionally, you have one heatsink per cpu... If you have two very close in the same region they might be adding heat to each other before the heatsink can draw that up and blow it away... :) Unless you use some fancy pelitzer cooling... But that can fry as well. Or you shined up your Heatsink with some unknown chemical agent and fried your CPU that way... Don't ask, I done this kind of thing before. :(
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