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What is energy

  1. Mar 19, 2004 #1
    Energy is not equivalent to mass, but to the change in time-space.

    Passive energy is expressed by the plan time-space.

    Active energy is equivalent to the change in the curvature of time-space.

    Reference:THING AND ITS LAW (ISBN 1-58939-525-5), chapter 2: timedistance and timecurvature (the active and passive motion of time-space) and chapter 5: natural force(the durality of time-space and energy)published by Virtualbookworm.com publishing Inc.
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    1. Is there a specific reason you are actively ADVERTIZING this book on here? This appears to be your 3rd postings in a row quoting stuff form this thing. Shouldn't you be posting this... er .... "speculation" more appropriately in the Theory Development section?

    2. Have you ever considered getting your information from a peer-reviewed journal?

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    Watt is effect? hahahahihohehaho!!
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