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I What is enthalpy for combustion of glucose?

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    The enthalpies of formation with reference to (2) are: ∆(Glucose)= −1,268 /, ∆(Carbon Dioxide)= −393.5 ./, ∆(water)= −285.8 /.

    How do I calculate the enthalpy for the combustion of 1 mole of glucose?

    I know H = U + PV and ∆H = Q + Wother, but I am confused by all the chemistry involved!
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    Have you heard of Hess's law?
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    No I haven't. This was a question in a past exam that I'm stuck on, it could be unrelated. Was I right to consider it as a purely thermodynamic (2nd year physics level) problem?
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    This should be posted in a homework forum with an attempt at a solution.

    Thread closed.
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