What is Epistemology?

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Okay, for not having a "formal" background in Philosophy, which as far as I'm concerned doesn't amount to squat (it's not a prerequisite in order to think), could somebody please explain what this means? I suspect it has something to do with how do we know what we know, and how do we ascertain whether it's true or not. Is this anywhere close? Or, is there more of a "formal process" involved?

Any and all replies are welcome. Thanks!

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Being in the middle of my final Philosophy class before graduating with my Philosophy major (and my Philosophy of Science Major) I can tell you....that what you said is no more than anything I could have said.

but then, I haven't done any epistemology courses. I did Metaphysics once...damn that was boring!

But yeah, anyway, Ummmm, Epistemology is the ology of epistems. Which is sorta the study of knowledge. *nodz* me use big words.

OK, stop being silly.

Its "what do we know, how do we know that we know it...what is knowledge anyway..."
And then when you ask those questions, it becomes pretty hard not to start falling into metaphysics...."How can we know anything when what we experience may not even be real" Basically, as long as metaphysics is uncertain, then knowledge will never be certain.
Yes, but how can we know "the truth" of anything, unless we can see it for ourselves? Yes, I think I got it! :wink:

Or, at least that would be a very epistemilogical statement.

Thanks AG.

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