What is error function ?

In heat transfer, some formulae are expressed in error function. what is it ?

How do we get the equation for error function ?[?]
Isn't the error function e -x 2 ? Thats all I know....
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Originally posted by On Radioactive Waves
Isn't the error function e -x 2 ? Thats all I know....
I've heard it's called imaginary error function in full.


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Almost... erf(x) is:

erf(x) = (2 / sqrt(π)) ∫0..x e-x2 dx

It's immediate use is that it's the integral of a gaussian distribution, so it's directly applicable to statistical problems.

More generally, I understand that a lot of nonelementary functions can be expressed in terms of combinations of elementary functions and error functions, so erf expands the expressive power of closed forms.
It comes up when solving some differential equations, and it is thus good to have tabulated.

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