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What is error function ?

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    In heat transfer, some formulae are expressed in error function. what is it ?

    How do we get the equation for error function ?[?]
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    Isn't the error function e -x 2 ? Thats all I know....
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    try this
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    I've heard it's called imaginary error function in full.
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    Almost... erf(x) is:

    erf(x) = (2 / sqrt(π)) ∫0..x e-x2 dx

    It's immediate use is that it's the integral of a gaussian distribution, so it's directly applicable to statistical problems.

    More generally, I understand that a lot of nonelementary functions can be expressed in terms of combinations of elementary functions and error functions, so erf expands the expressive power of closed forms.
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    It comes up when solving some differential equations, and it is thus good to have tabulated.
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