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What is evolution and creationsim together called?

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    can these coexist? can you refer me to any websites with a theory of how they can coexist and what its called.
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    The only way for them to coexist is for the religious view to be that God created humans through evolution. Literal/Biblical creationism is utterly incompatible with science.
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    God said; "Let there be light" - BIG BANG and all the rest is evolution in accordance with His laws.
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    i know this question has been asked alot but i need more info then that.
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    The enterprise called Creationism can't coexist with science because it assumes what it wants to prove. In other word they start off believing Genesis literally and try to defend that with what is intended to look like science but isn't.
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    how about creative evolution?
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    creavolutionism I call it

    This might help


    God created us and everything in a somewhat less evolved state then left us to it in the hope we would evolve to one day know his mind. It's like a non interventionist policy to human affairs.

    As an analogy think of life as being a simple computer program version 1.0 that God wrote for his rather large self built computer called the universe about 13.7 billion years ago, now if this program was capable of making self improvements in both software and hardware then...

    ...jump forward to now and what happened ???

    we evolved and so did the universe (let's say we are now running version 42.0 on a laptop) but God the electricity that powers the computer remained the same and outside of the self improvements made by the computer...
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    I've said this before; but, since there are a lot of new people here I think it bears repeating. It is my belief that we, our bodies, as is all live on earth evolved from simpler forms of of the same life form as we share the same DNA with even the simplest forms still existing. Our souls, however, are created, eternal and bestowed.
    Biblical Genesis is obviously a creation myth not to be taken literally as in every version of the Bible that I have read has two mutually incompatible creation myths in Genesis. Which one are we to take literally?
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