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What is fire?

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    What is fire?
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    Hot stuff. :tongue2:

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    Ah, a PHILOSOPHICAL question! To the alchemists of old, it's one of the four Elements. To mystics and magicians, it's the principle of warmth, expansion, creativity...the "Yod" of the four-fold unutterable Tetragrammaton (YHVH). But...perhaps you were after a less esoteric answer? ;) Fire, as we know it, is a phenomenon that often accompanies oxidation. There are two aspects to such oxidation that must occur for it to usually be called "fire": 1) The reaction must be self-sustaining, ie, it must liberate more heat than is required to initiate it. 2) It must produce a flame, which is caused by the luminosity of ions, and/or hot particles.
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    incandescent gas
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