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    I have read that when the rate in change in flux wrt time=0 the current become constant and the flux get trapped in the superconductor loop but how does this flux quantization exist exactly and under which rules it exist?
    and i want to ask is there something called voltage quantization?!!! and if yes how does it happen or occur????
    and how can we explain the flux quantiztion using QM.
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    I don't understand what you are saying.
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    the mag field is zero inside a superconductor, but if you have a torus shaped superconductor there can be a field in the hole of the torus (not in the superconductor). and the flux of this field (the field strength times the area of the hole) is quantized in units of
    \frac{2\pi\hbar c}{2e}
    where c is the speed of light and e is the magintude of the electron charge. the fact that a (2e) appears can be related in a handwaving way to cooper pairs.
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