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What is frequency range?

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    I have an op-amp with frequency range 20Hz - 20kHz. Is frequency range the same as bandwidth?
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    Let's say I have 40 dB amplification and frequency range of 20 Hz - 20 kHz

    Is my GBW = A_v * BW = 100 * 20k = 2 MHz?
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    in this context ... yes

    what is the op-amp ? ..... that's a really narrow freq range

    will let some one else answer that
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    No, not in general - the definition of the GBW is based on the assumption of a single-pole roll-off.
    A specification of an upper frequency limit does not automatically imply a 1st-oder system.
    What kind of amplifier are you speaking of? What is the reason for the lower cut.off frequency?
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