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What is Friendship?

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    Define friendship.

    Is it strictly a biological phenomenon which causes us to be attracted to one another?

    Is it attraction caused by common values and beliefs?

    How would one differentiate a friend from an acquaintance?
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    Grizzly bears have no fun

    People such as Jay Leno and George Bush have all the friends money can buy, or what some people call yesmen.

    Most human relationships are attachments some of which is brought on by survival or emotional needs.

    Unlike grizzly bears, humans are social creatures. In the books "Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus" and "How to Win Friends and Influence People" the books main themes is maintaining and sometimes manipulating other people's egos. I guess genuine friends are those who are concerned for your well being. They are rare.
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    Perfectly stated. I hate to sound non-opinionated, but i agree.
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    "Strangers are unknown friends."
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    Friends are people who put as much energy into your wellbeing as you put into theirs.
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    a friend is someone you love, but not romantically, very much like family. so the better question would be, what makes you feel the way you do towards family members?
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