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What is going on?

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    After I finish my upper maths and physics lectures, I sometimes ask the prof some questions. On a few occassions a female student was behind listening to my discussion with the prof with no one else around. When I finished asking questions, I left and she left as well without asking any of her own questions. I am male and nowhere near a top student, infact near the bottom or average at best so I don't think she is that interested in listening to my discussion with the prof. She hasn't tried to speak to me. What is giong on?
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    She's a hit man for the Russian Mafia, only logical conclusion. I suggest you flee the country immediately, perhaps try to find a safe house in Kuala lumpur. Quick, book the first available flight, and don't tell anyone where you are going!
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    Perhaps she was just waking up :biggrin:
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    She has a big crush on the prof.
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    You were probably standing on her way :)
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    On her way, was she a troll? :smile: you know like it was her bridge.
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    nooooooo... on the way - the only way she could use to get out (is it better now)
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    I'm only teasing I know what you meant. You meant he was in the way :tongue:

    Course the most depressing but kinda obvious answer is that you asked the professor what she was going to ask, and he cleared it up, so she wandered off. Next time she makes to leave ask her if she was having the same problem (something in common) If yes then get her involved in the conversation and then chat to her afterwards. If she likes you pow shazaam go for a date, then it's marriage, a honeymoon in the Bahamas, the skys the limit :smile: I'm serious about the asking her bit though. :smile:
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    :) in the way OK :)
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    Two different old profs?
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    one thing you haven't stated, implied, or inferred---are YOU attracted:!!) to HER?

    I couldn't tell if you thought she was just a pest or a parasite(or a passion)
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    I think he is, otherwise why bother posting it, unless he's worried she's his stalker?

    Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions?

    To the roof Watson!

    Sorry I always say that when there's a mystery even if it doesn't make sense :smile:
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    From "The giant rat of Sumatra": (dog with bomb inside follows Hemlock Stones and Dr. Flotsam out of a bar) Listen! The dog! It has ticks!
    Then we must flee!
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    I laughed and groaned at the same time :smile:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Maybe she had the same question?
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    Firesign Theater had the most compelling humor (and used some of the worst puns), and their comedy albums are classics. Hemlock Stones and The Giant Rat of Sumatra is actually one of their weaker efforts, IMO.

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    It's probable that she had the same question, or maybe just wanted to hear further clarification.
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    Nice try but no.

    The exit was always in a different place from where the prof and I were standing.
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    No she isn't stalking me. I'm not that good:rolleyes:. And she isn't crazy, infact fairly intelligent by the look of things.

    Yeah I am attracted to her. Why dosen't she talk to me. It would be less time consuming and less puzzling for both of us. Why haven't I talked to her? Because I am too shy and freightened.
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    What do you mean?
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