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What is going to happen first?

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    Could you guys list whats going to happen in order for me thanks.

    1) Sun engulfs the earth
    2) Earths magnetic field disintegrates
    3) The moon travels too far away and we lose the tides
    4) Andromeda galaxy kills us

    Thanks again
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    About 5Bn yr
    The earth's field drops to nothing and reappaers the other way round about every 0.5M yr, it's not a big deal. The earths field will finally stop when the core solidifies - probably longer than 5bn yr
    Not an expert but I think the earth-moon distance stabilises at some value. What you have to worry about are Earth-sun tidal locking, when we end up with the same side facing the sun.
    The andromeda merger wont even be noticed unless you are an astonomer. The stars in a galaxy are rather far apart - it's like releasing a couple of toy boats on opposite sides of the pacific and claiming that they merge.
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