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What is graviton ?

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    i read an article about graviton. but i still don't understand what graviton is. I think gravity is force not matter .
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    This article explains what a graviton is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graviton
    Was it the one you read?

    Put simply, in theories like Quantum Field Theory, it is very easy and convenient to model the force between two particles as an interaction between them in which they exchange a "carrier" particle. For example, two electrons would exchange photons when they interact by the electromagnetic force. For gravity, this carrier particle would be the graviton. Note that these carrier particles are "virtual particles", not real particles. The concept of a virtual particle is a complicated one, and can be very confusing if you've never looked into it before. I would recommend using the search feature to look for more threads on virtual particles here on PF.
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    In quantum mechanics all waves have particles associated with them. So, electromagnetic waves have photons, sound waves have phonons and gravity waves have gravitons.
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