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What is happening in the world

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    What is happening in the world?
    So I study the world events (political, economical, and culture)
    And here is the result:
    1) In the 80s princess Dyane is killed the reasons was the kids and the alfaied
    Story. the queen have new authorities she can now declare war, cancel the parliament , take any land in the UK in any size she want.

    2) The claps of the USSR make a big hole in the political world and now every one fighting to fill it

    3) The traditional way of thinking is back now but in new ways and new shape for example if you are a fan of cinema. You will see it clearly (the matrix, lord of the rings, Troy, V for vendetta, etc…) .maybe the matrix, V for vendetta, is good ones but they are still a part of the traditional philosophic.

    4) The middle class in the all world is shrinking so as a result the society will change to two classes the poor class (slaves, immigrants, criminals, low pay workers, afro Americans, etc…) and the rich classes (criminals, property owners, political leaders, etc…).

    5) As a result of the society change, the poor classes will become less important to the government and will always abuse and finally it will be disregard from the government care. (As we see in New Orleans, the poor and black people left to handle them self. the Bull Run series were rich people can race with high speed and no body care or stop them. Or like in California were the man with criminal charges like Arnold (molesting women) now is the governor of California, or the man who lie about the weapons of mass distraction in Iraq is still in his job (Tony Blair), etc…).

    6) The free word as we know it will die because high classes do not need free word.
    However, the poor classes need it ,and because no body care from the government about them so their sound will be suppressed, (for example fox news (always there is no problem in us under the president bush wing and the news must be approved by the owner(s) to be broadcasted ), always (in the media) poor or afro American people are criminal people and they are 2nd classes people.)

    7) Like the Middle Ages, (it that time knowledge was only for monks and royalty)
    Now knowledge is becoming only for the higher classes. (The schools of poor neighborhoods in USA is starting to teach only street language and they starting to teach simple math and simple physics, I mean that they do not teach Integral or derivative in school so they won't be qualified for high education in universities,
    Unlike the higher classes schools they study literature English and they study
    High mathematics and physics.

    8) the disappearing of the middle class will make democracy as we know it disappear it will become more and more like Athena (in Athena only the free (high) class have the right to vote ) like what happened in one of 1st world country in that country a large percent of black people has been disapproved .
    9) The justice system and economical system is only being for the protection of high class and helping them in there works (Michel Jackson, enron, halberton, etc…)

    10) I am so sorry about this but this is what happening (not what happened)
    I mean it is forming and it is not completed yet, and this is only the truth nothing else it is not contain my personal ideas, and I am not saying that we need communism. (Because it is slavery), and we don’t need socialism (you know why), my idea is that this is a normal life circle every country has a life time
    Because every country, countries, or culture that this happened in it is, mean that
    It is closing to there end like (what happened to old china, Arab impair, and every old civilizations).
    Maybe we can stop it by reserving the middle class in the community and maintain,
    A good level off well-being, (in every part of the world).
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    I got about 3 lines in and your grammar compelled me to stop. BTW, since you're a history buff, "princess Dyane" was killed in 1997.
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    Sorry this is too inaccurate to make sense of.
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