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What is he/she thinking

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    Can you tell in a general sort of way what some is thinking ? this would be
    some what easier with a familly member or close friend, but what about a
    stranger ?
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    Sometimes. I can look at a person and often tell at least a little about their history, or just their mood, but thinking is a different story.

    Online, when holding an intimate conversation with a friend of mine, I can usually guess what he's going to say about something. But most of the time I'm a bit in the dark. And in person the best thing going for me is what I said above; I can't tell what they're thinking at all.
    Life would be a bit dull, socially at least, if I knew what people were going to say.
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    Usually I can tell who I really want to stay from by looking at their face. There is a particular type of person who is essential the most aggressive type of bully. I can see these people by the way the smile and the way their eyes look. It is difficult for me to describe criteria, but I have a correct sense when someone is a snake.
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    You can see what mood they're in, what their attention is focused on (their thoughts, or something external), but not the precise content of their thoughts, of course. You can get more precise if you're actually conversing with them. Some people are very poker-faced and inscrutable, though.
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    You guys can't hear other people's thoughts?
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    I can't. I've never had any such experience.
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