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What is Hi-Tech?

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    What requirements must a technology have in order to be called a Hi-Technology?
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    It must be a cutting edge modern invention that incorporates modern scientific discoveries, at least, that is my interpretation of the term.
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    Hi-tech is a phrase whose meaning changes with time. Once upon a time vacuum tubes were hi-tech, then computers. I think wi-fi is currently still hi-tech.
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    No spyware/adware.

    If somebody spies how good your apple pie tastes and eats it all. Your left with low tech.

    If somebody spies how good your shoes look and steal them. Your barefoot and low tech.

    Etc, etc, etc.

    Adware/spyware makes low tech if it's present, or high tech in it's absence.
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    That's right Yesicanread. The reason that a stick with a rock tied on the end is low tech is because of all the adaware in it that lets people steal your pie.
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