What is impossible?

  1. wolram

    wolram 3,552
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    How many impossible things, actions, what ever, can you think of?
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  3. FredGarvin

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    I know it is impossible for me to marry Yasmeen Ghauri. Does that count?
  4. Changing a duvet cover in the back of a moving caravan.

    Playing the sax solo from Gerry Rafferties Baker street while kicking a football up an escalator.

    Opening a bag of Doritoes whilst standing in a hammock.

    Being right in an argument against an angry woman.

    Reading a copy of The Daily Mail without rolling your eyes, regardless of how right or left wing you are.

    Unicycling backwards across a tight rope juggling whilst drunk.
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  5. radou

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    Write an SMS with your feet.
  6. I can't think of any.
  7. .
  8. nothing? is that the right answer? this is a guidance counseling session right?
  9. JasonRox

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    Creating a star with your hands.

    It's not hard to think of something impossible.
  10. You mean, how many before breakfast ? :tongue2:

    It is impossible to pull out a quark out of an hadron.
  11. i can do that

    that too
  12. Evo

    Staff: Mentor

    Working in the yard without getting injured.
  13. Danger

    Danger 9,663
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    Teaching a snake to tap-dance.
  14. To comb a hairy sphere flat
  15. Millions upon billions upon trillions

    For example - listing them all.
  16. At least one.
  17. CompuChip

    CompuChip 4,296
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    Turning your hand one direction, and the same foot the other (for example, turn your left hand clockwise and your left foot CCW).
  18. Evo

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    I can do it.
  19. radou

    radou 3,108
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    Hey, me too, I just tried it out!!

    CompuChip, think of something better, please. :tongue:
  20. Anyone can do it.

    Turn left-hand cw
    Turn left-leg ccw
  21. wolram

    wolram 3,552
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    1 out of 6, not bad :smile:
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