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What is induction exactly?

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    Dear reader,

    What is induction excaty? What causes Induction?

    -Benzun Pious Wisely
    All For God.
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    Governments can cause induction, induction into the military.
    Electro-Magnetic Induction Is the interaction of electro-Magnetic fields and current carrying wires.

    I prefer not to have to guess at what people are thinking, precise questions help.
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    Induction is causing or forcing something to happen. Electromagnetic induction refers to an electric current forced to flow through a conductor when the conductor or field "move" relative to each other, as in the case of an electric generator. Actual movement is not required if flux changes, as in the case of a transformer. For more information visit my website or email me.
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    i mean how does an atom which is far get attracted though it is not charged by a charged particle?
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    The verb form is "induce". Look it up in a dictionary.

    An "atom that is not charged" still has charged particles (electrons and protons) in it.

    It can be attracted to a negatively charged particle be cause the negative charge makes the electrons move away (they are repelled) so the negative charge "see" a positive charge.
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