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What is intelligence?

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    Definition of intelligence + is there a way if measuring a person's intelligence?

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    jimmy p

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    the opposite of stupidity?
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    We should only hope that intelligence is the opposite of stupidity. In my experience they often go together.
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    Intelligence is the capacity to aquire and apply knowledge. Some feel IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests can measure Intelligence. Many, if not the majority disagree with this. So there is no widely accepted form of measuring intelligence. IQ 100xMental Age / Chronological Age, is the closest you can get to measuring intelligence.

    However IQ tests require you to have certain knowledge in subjects and to apply that knowledge. True application of intelligence would be to study questions of exact types and apply that knowledge.

    IQ tests assume you have certain knowledge and are ready to use it. Some people simply have bad attention to detail or aren't good at taking tests.

    In my opinion, there is no generalized and extremely accurate way to measure Intelligence. There is a crude, and sometimes fairly accurate method in the way of an IQ test. I'm currently doing a project on IQ amongst other Psychology related issues. I could go on and on if you want more information. My post was somewhat based on opinion so many might disagree with my conclusion.
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    jimmy p

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    So, the real opposite to intelligence in untelligence?
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    Hmm... wouldnt the more intelligent people the ones who have a lust for learning?
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    Your observation + ability to eliminate unnecessary things/information to goto the right track + wisdom + "other issues" is what I call intellgence.

    It is true that an intellegent person may be a fool once...
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    I like that: "ability to eliminate unnecessary things/information to goto the right track"
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    The ability to see things as they are with as few assumptions as possible
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    One rat learns its way through a maze and gets some cheese.

    Another rat builds a robot rat, programs it to run the maze and bring back the cheese.

    Humans give rats cheese to watch them run mazes.

    Hmm... which is the most intelligent? :rofl:

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Happy thoughts
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    lol ............
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