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What is it called?

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    I've been interested in Chemistry for a while and I'm interested in what exactly is happening in the brain while people are experiencing a variety of emotions such as depression, anxiety, fear, love, jealously, curiosity, and every other emotion, mental state, etc. However, I'm not interested in Psychology and behaviors. I'm interested in what is happening chemically, what causes the effect, why it happens, and how it's effecting the nervous system, the brain, and the emotional state. Stuff like this puzzles and blows my mind and I would love to learn about it.

    I'm not sure on where to start and I don't know what type of Chemistry I'm referring to. I've read that Biochemistry is similar to what I'm interested in but I'm not quite sure if it has any relation. Could anyone help me out on what type of Chemistry I'm talking about?
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    I think you mean neurotransmitters. For example, the book 'Why We Love' by Dr. Helen Fisher says that romantic passion is produced by elevated levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, and lowered levels of seratonin.
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    Google "neurochemistry".
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