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What is it going to be

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    I was pottering around the garden this morning and found this ...

    Does anyone know what it is (if your post is going to be along the lines of "It's a caterpillar" then don't bother posting) and what it might become?

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    It looks like the caterpillar of the 'Mourning Cloak' butterfly.

    from - http://www.whatsthiscaterpillar.co.uk/america/spiny.htm (5th one down)
    from http://www.whatsthiscaterpillar.co.uk/america/


    http://www.fcps.k12.va.us/StratfordLandingES/Ecology/mpages/mourning_cloak.htm [Broken] (picture of caterpillar half way down page)
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    It is, specifically, the caterpillar for a moth, the Lasiocampidae family.
    You can see this because the caterpillar is hairy.
    It just might be the one on wikipedia's page:
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