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What is it?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    This area was certainly underwater. I suppose a vortex formed which grinded a funnel into the rock formation over eons. The river is pretty stagnant, but there were times when a rush of water from melted glacial dams flooded the area with intense surges of currents.
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    Kinda looks like limestone.
    Perhaps a spring or possibly a steam vent.
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    Looks like a place where a mineral spring once flurished. I have even been to a city named Mineral Springs in ND, so its fairly common for that area.
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    A mineral spring or vent makes more sense.
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    Mineral precipitate around a spring was my first thought as well. Would be helpful to see a bit of it up close and know something about the area it was found in to say for sure.
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    A look-alike in Yellowstone park:

    http://www.naturalsciences.org/education/Yellowstone/2006/images/unusual%20hot%20spring%20at%20Mammoth%20Terraces.jpg [Broken]
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