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What is it?

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    Can anyone tell me what this is?

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    It's definitely not a nebula. It has veins. I'd guess the greenish thing is a fiber optic cable, and this is some kind of a laser surgery.

    - Warren
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    oh--you can blow up the photo-----maybe the retina
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    An illuminated phoetus?
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    A nebula with veins
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    Definitely a retina picture. That's the optic nerve in the center. There are even eyelash shadows in the lower right. I'm really curious as to what that formation is on the bottom left is.
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    That's what I was wondering.
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    Hah I said "is" twice in that sentence, whoops.

    I initially thought tears ducts, but I don't think so. I've seen discolorations inside of those pictures before, but that looks kind of like scales or some kind of disease, I dunno.
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    Yep! It's a photo of a retina through a fundus camera. I used to maintain these cameras at an opthalmic practice, when I was (nominally) the network administrator, but generally got tapped to fix anything that broke. The photos that came out of our cameras tended to be more on the orange side, and that may have been because we were filtering to identify early signs of macular degeneration.
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    I thought it was just pigmentation of the eye around the iris
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    It's weird with the scaly formation. If you look diagonally across the image you can see a blue/green reflection of the edge of the iris, I think. But I'm an engineer, not a medical person, so take my opinion for what it is :-p
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