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What is knowledge?

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    I posed a question about 'mind' on the Biology forum the other day and was frustrated that I didn't seem to make sense to anyone else, at least not sense in the way I was thinking. I've thought about it a fair bit because clearly my own thinking is in error, but without a shared understanding of what I was driving at it's hard to see exactly why.

    I dug around a few other forum sites and didn't find anywhere that seemed suitable to post the question. It seems from some of what was said on my earlier thread that my question strays into philosophy or perhaps cognitive science. I have spent some time on philosophy forums and while interesting the downside seems to be that commentary becomes exceptionally dense and not grounded in facts so I think I will give that a miss for the moment. I couldn't quickly find any cognitive science forums that would suit someone like me with very limited background knowledge of the subject.

    Someone suggested posting here in General Discussion but I am not certain that my question wouldn't still be deemed inappropriate. So I'll take a different tack.

    What is knowledge? Is there a clear scientific definition for it? Is it even scientific to talk about knowledge?
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