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What is 'lifing'?

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    Recently I was translating an ISO compliance document for an aviation company, and this word popped up as the name of one of the design subdivisions in the company.

    I did manage to figure out that it's some sort of a process of testing or modelling of durability of components, and that it appears to be used predominantly in the aviation industry (is it?), but I'd like to know what it means exactly.

    Can anyone here provide a definition, description or otherwise explain the meaning of lifing? (I hope it's not just 42 ;) )
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    As far as I've understood it, it's the act of improving fatigue life or the life of the material in general. Lifing studies might be charts on how fatigue life improves with a development of a process.

    I've run across that term a couple times, but I've also never quite got the true meaning.
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    At first I thought it might be something furries do... ?:) Bandie, your avatar isn't helping disabuse me of that notion... :D

    But it's not 'liffing', it's 'life-ing'? i.e. taking the word 'life' (in the context of lifespan of a component) and turning it into a verb?
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    I beg your pardon, that's how I look.

    And yes, it does appear to be lifing, as seen e.g. here: http://www.lambdatechs.com/lifing-analysis.html

    I gathered from the above that it's something like what timtheraper described, but it's still very fuzzy in my mind. Is it something like actual tempering of the material to extend the lifespan of a component, or more like testing what the lifespan is?
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    Possibly something more along the lines of bending it until it breaks, lifespan, then examining various behaviors prior to failure, for either arbitrarily setting a fixed time "service life" or establishing a fixed protocol (number of cracks per riveted seam) for "service life" before replacement/retirement is necessary or recommended. Don't want things quitting on the customers while the product is in the air, but don't want them wondering whether they can't depend on the product either.
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    :w Sorry to call out your typo on my screen name, but this one needs mentioning. :DD I hope in the future everyone will notice that it's "reaper", as in the Grim Reaper.
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    oo)... o:) apologies! Let it be known that not only I misread your name, I also misspelled 'rapper'.
    The forum software hasn't got enough eggs for me to plant on my face.
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    @Bandersnatch that only makes it funnier! I just thought I ought to clear it up in case anyone might mistakenly think I'm a misogynist (or I guess in your case, a hip-hop artist). :w
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    I thought you were the guy with the scythe but the avatar seems off for that.
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    so Timthewrapper is wrong too?

    but you know reduced to that size the bot in your avatar looks like he has a mic in one hand
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    Unfortunately yes, but you can call me TimtheEnchanter if you want. There are some who call me that.

    @phinds, you're right. I do need to update my Gravatar.
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