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What is location?

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    what is location??

    I have a question, hopefully someone can provide some insight on it:
    what, fundamentally, is location?
    there are only a handfull of really "unique" aspects of matter at this time, with many physicists trying to simplify them even further. But it seems that we have mass, electromagnetic charge, velocity, and many "lesser" properties of subatomic particles like charm, top/bottom, etc. One way of looking at this question is to see location, too, as a property of matter. But what defines this property? Obviously, whatever the "value" of this property is for various particles, must influence how the various forces produced by these particles affect each other (for example, the earth will not have the same gravitational effects on a particle on the moon, or a particle in andromeda galaxy). And if we were able to fundamentally understand this property, and how it was represented subatomically, could we devise a way of manipulating it for perhaps teleportation (?)
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