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What is lymph?

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    I know
    Blood=plasma+blood corpuscles
    blood corpuscles=WBC +RBC+Platelets
    plasma=serum+clotting factors

    But I am not sure about lymph
    is lymph equal to plasma+WBC
    i.e lymph=plasma +WBC
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    I looked at it.But I am still confused.
    is lymph equal to plasma+WBC
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    The types of WBC that are in lymph, blood of tissue fluid vary.
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    Andy Resnick

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    Interesting question- it appears the lymphatic system is under-studied. There seems to be a schizophrenic attitude, on one hand it's claimed to be part of the immune system, while on the other it's associated with fluid circulation. The constitution of lymph itself seems to be lymphocytes and macrophages combined with a fairly undefined fluid containing proteins, fats, and salts. I'm not even sure what lymph vessels are made of - endothelial cells?

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