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What is matter?

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    In chemistry, a molecule that can be described by various resonance forms is in reality a hybrid, different from all of these forms yet still 'influenced' by them. This does not change the fundamental nature of the molecule (i.e. atoms bonded together etc.), only means that we lack a single 'model' that integrates these differences.

    By the same logic something that can be described either as a particle or as a wave is neither of them, but something else 'influenced' by both, something that has a shared fundamental nature (?) with both models but is effectively different.

    Thus, 'matter' is not 'particles' and is not 'waves' - so what is it?
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    That which has inertia?

    The nature of matter is determined by context, e.g., the Copenhagen interpretation.
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    better watch the nobel prizes, if someone finds the answer they're sure to win one...
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