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What is meaning of dy/dx

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    very long article.
    Actually the thing i want to ask is Does dy/dx means dy divided by dx.
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    Not at all!! dy/dx is simply a notation. It's a notation for the derivative with respect to y.
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    It means the same thing as f'(x) does. Take whatever y is and take the derivative of it with respect to x.
    If we have the equation, [tex]{y=x^2}[/tex] what's the derivative with respect to x? We have to use implicit differentiation because you can't the derivative of y when we are taking it it with respect to x. So you have [tex]{1*dy/dx=2x}[/tex]

    Hopefully my explanation is clear haha.
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    It does, in some sense, mean [itex]\mathrm dy[/itex] divided by [itex]\mathrm dx[/itex] in nonstandard calculus, where we use infinitesimals instead of limits to do calculus.
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