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What is meant by 'as-cast'?

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    I keep coming across this term. Is it just referring to the alloy after it has gone through the casting process?
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    It just refers to the part as it is directly out of it's cast. No extra machining operations were done. I don't think it is normally used for the purpose of describing heat treat, but I could be wrong.

    There are lots of situations where a part needs certain machining operations done to it after casting to bring it within tolerance or surface finish. However, if the part's tolerances are sufficiently loose, an "as cast" part may be delivered directly.
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    I am pretty sure its without heat treatment.
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    That part, or feature has been cast but not undergone machining, grinding, linishing, polishing, sanding....

    I've never heard it used in relation to heat treatment (or a lack thereof) but I guess if you're working in the heat treatment field it would apply.
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    i came across this term a few times where it meant that the material was not heat treated.
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    In my experience, 'as-cast' refers to a cast product without further processing, i.e. no mechanical and/or heat treatment.

    I've seen surface finish requirements on cast products where the surface is referring to 'as-cast', i.e., no machining, grinding, linishing, polishing, sanding.... as brewnog mentioned.
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    Mine too...

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