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What is meant by Copolarization and Cross polarization?

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    What is meant by Copolarization and Cross polarization? How does EM wave travel in such polarizations?
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    What's the context? I suspect the terms refer to polarization relative to something else, such as between two independent beams or a beam and an optical device.
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    To Vani

    These terms could be applied to a couple of polarizing filters --- so that co-polar refers to their being aligned such that their effect on light is the same or crosspolar when they are at 90 degrees to each other.
    In the first case an unpolarised beam of light will be polarised by the first filter and pass through the second mostly unchanged , but in the second case the second filter will block most or all of the light.
    An EM wave is polarised when the electric field vector which is normal to the path is mostly pointing one way, this occurs for instance in TV transmission due to antenna orientations and therefore requires the receiving antenna to match for best reception.
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    Thank you ray! i got it!
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