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What is multicast?

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    What is multicast ? I heard people say multicast but why isn't there unicast ?
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    Correction: There is unicast! You are using it right now ^_^!

    Multicast is a networking term used to mean a protocol in which one packet of information can be send to multiple users instead of sending x packets to all x users (unicast). Suppose your DJing at home and have 30 people tuning in at 64kbps, that's something like 2MB/sec upload on your side, which is not realistic. But while using multicast, this isn't a problem. You just need to send it once. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much development or business incentive with multicast and thats why it's a bit slow to be adopted by companies.

    Edit: Oh, lookie what I found on Wikipedia :P
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    Blew,blew, thanks :blushing:
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