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What is natural language?

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    can anyone let me know where to get more info about natural language?
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    okay, though I NEVER got ANY help from the driver or SUCH similar THINGs, I will try to help you out, first of all, tell me what you mean by natural language !!!
    Isn't it English you are using natural one ?
    I don't know if you made this question for fun or for some more information about someone, or even whether or not you already know about basics of natural language processing, but grammar analysis is the first target to attack!
    Search the net for some what you think are key words...avi !
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    huh......u said i post this question juz for fun????why must i waste my time to do such a silly thing!!!!what i only know is natural language is the fifth generation programming language.......so i want to know more about that.......
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