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What is .NET, ASP.NET etc.

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    I decided to explore microsoft softwares but didn't quite get it.
    What is .NET and visual studio? Is it a framework to make things easier to develop or is it something more?

    I till now have made C/C++ programs using vim and gcc on my ubuntu. For web I used web2py. Is .NET something like web2py (a framework) ?

    Then what is ASP.NET? Why does visual studio have C#, F#, C++, Visual Basic and all these languages? Web2py only had python!

    Basically I am having a tough time figuring out what actually do these softwares do!
    Sorry for so many questions at once.
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    One of my coworkers used it for it's garbage collection for a server program that ran continously, to avoid issues with constantly allocating and releasing memory. I don't know what other features it offers. Do a web search for "msdn .net", "msdn asp.net", "msdn .net garbage collection", and you should find some articles.
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    Visual Studio is the Microsoft IDE (integrated development environment).
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    What is .NET specifically? How does it support so many languages? Am I right to compare it with web2py? (I want to compare it with web2py because that's the only framework I have worked with yet)
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    Which part of " Visual Studio is the Microsoft IDE (integrated development environment)" did you not understand? Do you know what a framework is? Why not just Google it and read about it?
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    Second link on google for "What is .net", gives a fairly good overview.
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    Oh, the common language run-time answers quite a bit. Thanks for the link.
    I suppose I will just play with it to understand it more. It's the layers of abstraction of the software which is confusing me.
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